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Research and scientific collections

The main aim of all natural history museums is material collection. All collected specimens must be properly prepared and preserved using various complex methods, since they are constantly exposed to harmful bacteria, fungi or insects. Therefore, the collections require constant care and maintenance.

In the Museum of Natural History in Wrocław the material has been collected since 1811. Museum staff collect zoological and botanical material mainly during scientific field research and by organizing scientific expeditions to different parts of the world. Such collected samples are deposited in the museum's resources. Some material has been bought. These are usually collections of certain animal and plant groups, sometimes collected lifelong, by a scientist or hobbyist who is/was a good specialist in the certain discipline. The collections have also being increased through donations and material exchange with other museums and collectors. Sometimes the specialists of certain groups, working in the museum, receive specimens or larger collections for detailed research, which then are usually included to the museum’s collection.


Scientific collections held at the Museum


Research carried out by the staff